[BCH] Rephrasing III

art-figure-bathing-ducky-funny-anatomy-17_800xHere you have another serving of a dozen rephrasing exercises for you to enjoy and practice on line:

Conditionals 3
Conditionals 4
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[BCH] Rephrasing II

patito-bebeLet’s go with a second dose of “refreisin”, as one of you wrote in his peculiar “Spanglish”. Here you’ll find a dozen of them to enjoy and practice on the specific subjects of this course (on line), apart from those first 20 sentences. Remember to follow the steps I told you in Rephrasing-I. Leer más “[BCH] Rephrasing II”

[BCH] Rephrasing I

pato-british-wardenThere goes the first delivery of “rephrasing” on various grammar structures worked along this year. Remember to follow these steps: •Identify the grammar point the sentence is testing (i.e. passive, modals, …). •Make sure your sentence has the same meaning as the original. •Make sure it makes sense. •Check for grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes. Leer más “[BCH] Rephrasing I”