[BCH] Some more “EvAU” tests

090-IMG_1161-001Crocoducky brings you another set of recent University of Zaragoza exams in PDF format for you to download and practise:

♠ September 2017, both options

♣ June 2017, both options Leer más “[BCH] Some more “EvAU” tests”


[BCH] Topics for writing composition essays (PAU 2013-2000)

pato-mecanicoRemember that you have to choose only one topic and write on it about 100 words.

June 2013

Spain is significantly below the OECD average in PISA tests. What do you think is needed to improve our education system? Write an opinion essay in which you take into account the school system, the teachers and the students. Leer más “[BCH] Topics for writing composition essays (PAU 2013-2000)”