[ESO] Reported Speech (basics)

Badeente5643Para referirnos a lo que alguien dijo, podemos hacerlo de dos maneras: 1) Direct Speech: es decir, citando literalmente sus palabras (entre comillas) –> Mary said: “I work in this office”. 2) Reported Speech: “contando” lo que dijo, que es más normal –> Mary said (that) she worked in that office. (“That” aparece entre paréntesis porque podemos omitirlo) Leer más “[ESO] Reported Speech (basics)”


Moby Duck


Back in 1992 a shipping container filled with 28.000 rubber duckies was lost in the Pacific Ocean… but some of the flotilla of yellow ducks are still washing ashore around the globe today. Now the amazing seafaring odyssey of these plastic toys has been mapped after they spilled out of a container which had been swept off the deck of a merchant ship. Leer más “Moby Duck”

[ESO] Conditionals (I & II)

rubikcubeduckVamos ahora con las subordinadas condicionales (sólo los dos primeros tipos) y sus tiempos verbales correspondientes (tema 8 del libro de 3ºESO). El esquema básico sería así:

First Conditional:
if + present simple, … will + infinitive
If it rains tomorrow, we’ll go to the cinema. Leer más “[ESO] Conditionals (I & II)”

Forever young

Forever Young” is a song from German synthpop group Alphaville‘s 1984 debut album of the same name. The single was a strong hit in Scandinavia and in the European German-speaking countries in the same year. Although it was not the group’s highest-charting European hit, it became one of the signature songs of the band and it has subsequently been covered by numerous artists. Leer más “Forever young”