[2ºBCH] Answers to “More Practice 4”


1 1.a; 2.a; 3.a; 4.b; 5.a; 6.a

2 1.falling asleep; 2.tired; 3.alone; 4.accepted; 5.stop; 6.lost; 7.fair

3 1.F-If you have a gift for something, you’re good at it; 2.T✔; 3.T✔; 4.F-Language barriers often take place in a new country; 5.F-A person with a lot of self-esteem has a lot of confidence; 6.F-People usually flee places that are dangerous; 7.T✔; 8.T✔ Leer más “[2ºBCH] Answers to “More Practice 4””