Black Sheep

black-sheepThere was a country where they were all thieves.

At night everybody would leave home with skeleton keys and shaded lanterns and go and burgle a neighbour’s house.  They’d get back at dawn, loaded, to find their own house had been robbed.

So everybody lived happily together, nobody lost out, since each stole from the other, and that other from another again, and so on and on until you got to a last person who stole from the first.  Trade in the country inevitably involved cheating on the parts both of the buyer and the seller.  The government was a criminal organization that stole from its subjects, and the subjects for their part were only interested in defrauding the government. Thus life went on smoothly, nobody was rich and nobody was poor. Leer más “Black Sheep”


The Legend of Sleepy Hollow


The valley known as Sleepy Hollow hides from the world in the high hills of New York state. There are many stories told about the quiet valley. But the story that people believe most is about a man who rides a horse at night. The story says the man died many years ago during the American revolutionary war. His head was shot off. Every night he rises from his burial place, jumps on his horse and rides through the valley looking for his lost head. Leer más “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”

[ADC] I Feria “Agora x l’aragonés”


El próximo 14 de abril se celebra en Zaragoza la I Feria Agora x l’aragonés, organizada por la Dirección General de Política Lingüística del Gobierno de Aragón y el Ayuntamiento de Zaragoza, con la colaboración de Turismo de Aragón. La feria, destinada a todo tipo de público y de acceso gratuito, Leer más “[ADC] I Feria “Agora x l’aragonés””

[ADC] 4no Concurso de Haikus


Organizau por L’Aragonés en Plana Uesca, a fin d’o concurso ye a promozión de l’emplego de l’aragonés y d’a creyazión literaria en ixa lengua en o rete sozial Facebook. Astibaxo tenez os regles d’o concurso; ta partizipar-ie, fez clic en iste enrastre. Leer más “[ADC] 4no Concurso de Haikus”

I will survive

This song -already a classic nowadays- was first performed by American singer Gloria Gaynor, released in October 1978 and written by Freddie Perren and Dino Fekaris. A top-selling song after its initial release, it has remained a popular disco anthem, as well as being certified double platinum by the RIAA. Leer más “I will survive”

[BCH] Pendientes de 1º: dossier


Aquí tenéis el dossier de repaso elaborado por el Departamento de cara al examen de recuperación para aquellos que tengan pendiente el Inglés de 1º de Bachillerato. Os lo adjunto en formato Word (porque imagino que la mayoría tenéis PC-Windows). Leer más “[BCH] Pendientes de 1º: dossier”