Something good

This video is not intended for you to practice (its lyrics are just: “Oh Oh woah! I just know that something good is going to happen“); it’s just to suggest an idea to those gals and guys that are going to dance in our High School Festival. I think it’s much better than all that reaggeton rubbish and things like that. Would anyone dare to dance it? 😛


IQ test


Have you wondered what your IQ score is? This online IQ test will give you a fast and somehow accurate IQ score (it’s very easy). Take this quick, free IQ test and find out just how smart you are; just click the image. There is not a limited time, so you can have your dictionary at hand to check any unknown word. At the end, you’ll get your result; if you want to boast about it, you must provide proof (a link or a screenshot) 🙂 Leer más “IQ test”

[BCH] Topics for writing composition essays (PAU 2013-2000)

pato-mecanicoRemember that you have to choose only one topic and write on it about 100 words.

June 2013

Spain is significantly below the OECD average in PISA tests. What do you think is needed to improve our education system? Write an opinion essay in which you take into account the school system, the teachers and the students. Leer más “[BCH] Topics for writing composition essays (PAU 2013-2000)”

A man for all seasons

This song by Robbie Williams appears in the soundtrack of the spy parody film Johnny English (2003), whose main star was Rowan Atkinson (very well known by his character Mr Bean, co-written by himself). Enjoy the video as you practice the lyrics: Leer más “A man for all seasons”

Junk food? I’m loving it!

zombie-macdonalsYou’ll never eat McDonald’s junk food again after you read these horrifying facts.

Feeling hungry? You may want to read the rest of this article before you head to your favorite fast food restaurant and order your usual chemical and drug-ridden meal. Did you know you’re likely eating crushed beetles or duck feathers with your fast food burger? Here are some of the most disgusting additives you’re eating when you hit the drive-thru:

Duck Feathers: One of the more-enduring urban legends Leer más “Junk food? I’m loving it!”

All that she wants

Ace of Base is a Swedish pop group that released four studio albums between 1992 and 2002, which sold over 30 million copies worldwide, making them the third-most successful band from Sweden of all time, after ABBA and RoxetteThis is their official website and this, their profile in Facebook. Leer más “All that she wants”