We will rock you


A classic theme for all the rockers; it was first recorded by Queen for their 1977 album News of the World, but this is the famous version performed in 2004 by Britney SpearsBeyoncé and Pink for an international commercial Pepsi campaign. Leer más “We will rock you”



In 1987, Fairground Attraction released their first single, “Perfect“, on 28 March 1988. It was an immediate success, reaching number one in the UK, South Africa and Australia. The song was included on the band’s first album, The First of a Million Kisses, which was a blend of folk, jazz, country, and cajun elements (all but one of its songs being written by Nevin). Leer más “Perfect”

I will survive

This song -already a classic nowadays- was first performed by American singer Gloria Gaynor, released in October 1978 and written by Freddie Perren and Dino Fekaris. A top-selling song after its initial release, it has remained a popular disco anthem, as well as being certified double platinum by the RIAA. Leer más “I will survive”

Turn the tide

“Turn the Tide” is a song written by Regi Penxten and recorded by the Belgian trance group Sylver. In Belgium, the song was released in June of 2000 under the name “Liquid feat” as a chapter of the album Chances. The French version, “Je ne sais pas” appeared as a ghost track at the end of the album Little Things. Leer más “Turn the tide”

Fly on the wings of love

Fly on the Wings of Love is a love ballad by the Olsen Brothers, which was the winner of Eurovision Song Contest 2000, performed for Denmark but singing in English. The Danish original song was called Smuk som et stjerneskud (“Beautiful as a shooting star”). Surprised? Well, I am; I’ve just found it out right now. I only knew Annia‘s version and the Chasis Remix (both of which you have below, after the lyrics). Enjoy! Leer más “Fly on the wings of love”

Your favourite song


Some of you have told me that you would like to choose the songs we upload for practice. OK, here’s your opportunity; your new task will be just that: -Search for your favourite song in YouTube (or Vimeo, or whatever) and write the link. -Get its lyrics and write them in a comment, with its corresponding gaps Leer más “Your favourite song”