[BCH] “More Practice-6”

More Practice 6 – Vocabulary
More Practice 6 – Grammar

[BCH] Relative clauses

scotty.duckyWe use relative clauses to give additional information about something without starting another sentence. By combining sentences with a relative, your text becomes more fluent and you can avoid repeating certain words.

How to Form Relative Clauses

Imagine, a girl is talking to Tom. You want to know who she is and ask a friend whether he knows her. You could say: Leer más “[BCH] Relative clauses”

[BCH] Pendientes de 1º: dossier


Aquí tenéis el dossier de repaso elaborado por el Departamento de cara al examen de recuperación para aquellos que tengan pendiente el Inglés de 1º de Bachillerato. Os lo adjunto en formato Word (porque imagino que la mayoría tenéis PC-Windows). Leer más “[BCH] Pendientes de 1º: dossier”

[ESO] Relatives + Past Perfect

SONY DSCDos puntos básicos se tocan en el tema 5: los pronombres relativos y el Past Perfect. Los relativos que se ven en la lección podemos resumirlos así:

who --> people
This is the boy who hit me.
which --> things
That is the car which had an accident.
where --> places
This the city where she was born.
whose --> possesive (people and things; ="cuyo")
That is the girl whose mother works for the BBC.

Leer más “[ESO] Relatives + Past Perfect”

[BCH] Reported Speech

pato-punkySome reported speech exercises (with grammar explanations) for you to practice. Some of them can be checked online and some are in PDF format.

englisch-hilfen (online; graduated from the easiest to the most difficult)

perfect-english-grammar (online and pdf; ordered by difficulty) Leer más “[BCH] Reported Speech”

Phrasal Verbs

mc-escher-waterfallPhrasal verbs are usually two-word phrases consisting of verb+adverb or verb+preposition. Think of them as you would of any other English vocabulary. Study them as you come across them, rather than trying to memorize many at once. Use the list below as a reference guide when you find an expression that you don’t recognize. The example sentences will help you understand the meanings. If you think of each phrasal verb as a separate verb with a specific meaning, you will be able to remember it more easily. Like many other verbs, phrasal verbs often have more than one meaning. Leer más “Phrasal Verbs”