[BCH] Rephrasing IV

shakespeare.duckHere you are the last serving of rephrasing exercises for the time being. They are a bunch of sentences to do in class and five online quizzes of mixed sentences.


My kitchen is being redecorated at the moment. (Have sth. Done)

- I am

I am not sure that she is his girlfriend. (Modal Verb)

- She

Albert’s drawing isn’t as good as Gerard’s. (Comparatives)

- Gerard’s drawing

“Why don’t we play computer games?” said Michael. (Reported Speech)

- Michael suggested

She said: “Are you coming to the party on Friday?” (Reported Speech)

- She asked him

They came to live in New York two years ago. (Verbal Tenses)

- They have

Smoking is forbidden in hospitals. (Modal Verb)

- You

Although the weather was horrible, we went skiing. (Contrast Connectors)

- In spite of

I would like to have more free time these days. (Wish)

- I wish

I met that famous writer a year ago. (Verbal Tenses)

- It’s been a year

Wendy didn’t study for her test. Therefore, she failed. (Conditionals)

- If

“Don’t speak so loud, please”, she said to the students. (Reported Speech)

- She

We won’t buy that house because we don’t have enough money. (Causal Connectors)

- As

That man’s brother is my new English teacher. (Relative Clauses)

- That is the man

Steve advised me to tell Paul about it. (Gerund/Infinitive)

- Steve suggested

I didn’t make a note of it in my diary, so I forgot about it. (Conditional Clauses)

- If

She lost the race in spite of running well. (Contrast Clauses)

- Although

It’s possible that her boyfriend is coming to the wedding. (Modal Verbs)

- Her boyfriend

Beth hasn’t smoked since last December. (Gerund/Infinitive)

- Beth stopped

My new neighbours have got a baby. Her name is Wendy. (Relative Clauses)

- My

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