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Your new task is to upload a joke (in English, of course) that you have enjoyed to our facebook group and then write a comment down here, explaining why you liked it.

[Proceed as usual: ≥50 words; deadline: Friday, the 20th]



Autor: QK

Yo soy mis circunstancias.

Un comentario en “Jokes”

  1. -How did Cinderella die?
    -At 12 o’clock her tampax turned into a pumkin. 😂😂😂

    In the film “Cinderella” a fairy gives Cinderella a carriage with horses, a beautiful dress, a driver… In order to go to a party, but she had to leave the party at 12 o’clock because the magic world disappear at that time. The carriage would turn into a pumkin, the dress into a torn dress, the horses into mice, the driver into a dog…
    I think that the tampax would turn into a pumkin too and it would cause Cinderella’s death.

    Me gusta


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