Can you trust your eyes?

And your mind? Things aren’t always the way they appear. Although our mind is constantly trying to make sense of the world around us, it can sometimes get a little out of control and make us start to see things …literally. There is no magic involved, it’s all in your head.


1.- Rotating things
If you stare at the dot in the center and move your head away from the screen the rings will start to rotate. Now gradually get closer again… They change direction!


2.- Hermann grid
This is a classic optical illusion named after Ludimar Hermann, who discovered it in 1870. At every point where the white lines intersect, our eyes perceive a dark, shadowy blob. If you look directly at one of the intersections though, the blob disappears.


3.- Blivet
This is one of the most famous optical illusion pictures of an impossible object. It has two rectangular prongs at one end that morph into three cylindrical prongs at the other.


4.- The leaning tower
Yes, the leaning Tower of Pisa does actually lean, but although the image on the right appears to be leaning away from the one on the left, these two images are in fact one and the same.


5.- Fading image
Stare at the image for 30 seconds without moving your eyes and watch as it gradually disappears. This is a variation of Troxler’s effect which essentially says that if you fixate your eyes on a certain point, stimuli near that point will gradually fade.


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