Psychic symbols


Click on the picture and follow the instructions. Gonna freak out!

[Voluntary task, just for geniuses and/or freakies⇒ Can you explain how the trick is done?]


Autor: QK

Yo soy mis circunstancias.

9 comentarios en “Psychic symbols”

  1. Your original number can be written as 10a+b. Subtracting the sum of its digits (which is a+b) gives:
    (10a+b)-(a+b) = 9a
    Note that this is always a multiple of 9.
    Observe that the images corresponding to multiples of 9 are all the same (with the exceptions of 90 and 99 because you can’t get to these numbers because a is a single digit; it can’t be 10 or 11).
    Other numbers have this image too, and the images change each time, both things to make it appear more mysterious. The images also disappear at the end so one can’t solve the mystery as easily.

    Me gusta

  2. Whenever you do the calculations it gives you the same result.

    From 10 to 19 —-> The same result, therefore, the same symbol
    From 20 to 29 —-> The same result, therefore, the same symbol
    From 30 to 39 —-> The same result, therefore, the same symbol

    Therefore, each time there is a preselected symbol that is going to come out, and that is why every time we update the page, the symbols change place because otherwise the same symbol would always come out

    Me gusta

  3. I think it’s very easy. The final solution must give a number whose two digits addition is 9. If you see the symbol of 9, 18, 27, you’ll notice that are the same. You have a number Z of 2 digits, X and Y, and you have to add its two digits and then subtract the result from the original number:

    Z = XY Z-(X+Y) = Solution
    If X doesn’t change.
    Z+1 = X(Y+1) If Y is not 9 Z+1-(X+Y+1) = Z-(X+Y) = Solution
    Z-1 = X(Y-1) If Y is not 0 Z-1-(X+Y-1) = Z-(X+Y) = Solution

    We go to the same result, so in one ten (X is the same) there‘s only a solution.
    We have two digits and we subtract Y, so Z-(X+Y) = (Z-Y)-X
    If we subtract the Y, the number has to finish in 0, so the number is X0.
    X0-X= (X-1)(10-X) The first number is X-1 and the second 10-X, so the addition of the two digits of the final number must be 9.

    Me gusta


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