[2ºBCH] Answers to “More Practice 4”


1 1.a; 2.a; 3.a; 4.b; 5.a; 6.a

2 1.falling asleep; 2.tired; 3.alone; 4.accepted; 5.stop; 6.lost; 7.fair

3 1.F-If you have a gift for something, you’re good at it; 2.T✔; 3.T✔; 4.F-Language barriers often take place in a new country; 5.F-A person with a lot of self-esteem has a lot of confidence; 6.F-People usually flee places that are dangerous; 7.T✔; 8.T✔

4 1.accomplished; 2.knowledge; 3.guided; 4.recognition; 5.relaxation; 6.knowledgeable; 7.guidance

5 Possible answers: 1.We’ve got €20 left; 2.You can see the snow on the mountain top; 3.He’s good at everything he does; 4.They are exhausted and need a break; 5.We were very disappointed; 6.It was hard to get used to a new culture; 7.Where did you grow up?

6 1.go in for; 2.keep track of; 3.background; 4.knowledge; 5.catch up with; 6.accomplishment


1 Possible answers: 1.I’ve got a lot of homework to do; 2.the baby is sleeping; 3.eat sensibly and exercise; 4.smoke and eat a lot of food; 5.snacks will be served; 6.get ready for bed; 7.they spoke a different language; 8.he has ignored me all day

2 1.needn’t have washed up; 2.must have gone; 3.ought to have chosen; 4.couldn’t have done; 5.would have hired; 6.might have mentioned

3 Possible answers: 1.should apologise; 2.shouldn’t stay out; 3.should wear; 4.had better leave; 5.should buy; 6.had better not forget

4 1.You had better be home by 11 o’clock; 2.Claire could have been a professional cyclist, but she never wanted to make the effort; 3.You should have asked for permission before using my computer; 4.May I ask you how much your bike cost? 5.You shouldn’t have listened to our conversation. It was private; 6.He might have forgotten about our meeting; 7.This can’t be the original painting; 8.He may call you tonight

5 1.might not have heard; 2.may not go; 3.would have prepared; 4.don’t have to rush; 5.couldn’t have known; 6.shouldn’t worry

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