[BCH] Answers to “More Practice 3”


1. 1.in charge of, run the show; 2.qualifications, people skills; 3.income, earn; 4.fire, out of a job

2. 1.a; 2.b; 3.a; 4.b; 5.b; 6.a; 7.a; 8.b

3. 1.run an errand; 2.running short of; 3.qualifications; 4.fast learner; 5.job hunting; 6.shifts

4. Possible answers: 1.waitress, cleaner; 2.they are unhappy with their salary, they have found a better job; 3.teacher, politician; 4.organizational skills, people skills

5. 1.earn; 2.value; 3.deliver; 4.sort; 5.guarantee; 6.pack

6. 1.a; 2.a; 3.b; 4.a; 5.a


1. 1.was broken into, were stolen; 2.has been delayed, won’t miss; 3.was being followed, waited, was given; 4.are searching, is advised; 5.have been ignored, haven’t … spoken; 6.must be paid, will be given; 7.is considered, are needed; 8.is believed, have added

2. 1.It is expected that the company will be very successful / The company is expected to be very successful; 2.The policeman should be given an award for his bravery / An award should be given to the policeman for his bravery; 3.The house hasn’t been sold (yet); 4.French food is said to be the best in the world / It is said that French food is the best in the world; 5.Is it considered safe to travel to Mexico? / Is Mexico considered safe to travel to? 6.Seat belts must be worn when driving / When driving, seat belts must be worn.

3. 1.had … translated; 2.have … checked; 3.will have … repaired; 4.has … written; 5.is having … sent; 6.had … applied

4. 1.I have been offered a job promotion / A job promotion has been offered to me; 2.Hard work is believed to be necessary for success / It is believed that hard work is necessary for success; 3.Employees aren’t given many benefits (by this company) / Many benefits aren’t given to employees (by this company); 4.A generous sum of money was given to our organization by an anonymous donor / Our organization was given a generous sum of money by an anonymous donor

5. 1.was … arrested; 2.was … caught; 3.Has … been changed; 4.was made; 5.have been trying; 6.have … finished


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