[BCH] Topics for writing composition essays (PAU 2013-2000)

pato-mecanicoRemember that you have to choose only one topic and write on it about 100 words.

June 2013

Spain is significantly below the OECD average in PISA tests. What do you think is needed to improve our education system? Write an opinion essay in which you take into account the school system, the teachers and the students.

Imagine you are a student from Shanghai living here. Write a letter or an email to your family in China in which you talk about the education system and study habits here and back home.

September 2013

You suspect a friend of yours suffers from nomophobia but doesn’t want to accept it. Write a conversation with him/her in which you explain why you think so, and suggest possible measures to help him/her overcome this addiction.

Are we too dependent on mobile phones? Could we live without mobile phones nowadays? Write an opinion essay.

June 2012

Imagine you are a journalist who had the chance to interview Steve Jobs, asking him questions about his life and his technological products. Write down that dialogue.

Write an opinion essay about the following question: Is it possible to live without computers nowadays?

September 2012

Imagine that you went on a holiday in the land of the Himba. Write a letter telling a friend what you liked or disliked about your stay. Include your views on the Himba’s way of life.

Imagine you are working for the Namibia Tourism Board. Write a text for a promotional campaign addressed to Europeans with the title: “Come to experience the real Africa in the Kunene region”.

June 2011

Imagine you want to apply for a job as an au pair. Write a [formal] letter to an au pair agency explaining the reasons why you think you are the ideal person for the job.

Write an opinion essay about the following question: “Is it better to work in your own country instead of working abroad?” Explain the advantages or disadvantages in either case.

September 2011

In the text, Professor Rheinghold talks about the “formation of forums called personal learning networks”. Write an [opinion] article for your school journal in which you defend the introduction of personal learning networks in your school.

A friend of yours has not joined Facebook yet. He/she is reluctant because of the fear of losing intimacy and spending too much of his/her time on it. Write a letter to him/her explaining the advantages or disadvantages of this digital tool. In your letter you should try to convince your friend to either join Facebook or not to do so.

June 2010

You are Nas. Write a letter to a friend in London telling him/her about your experience in a summer camp and how much you enjoyed it.

Some adults are surprised at seeing teenagers behave in a mature way. Do you agree that teenagers are too immature and unprepared for grown-up life? Write an argumentative essay exposing your ideas about this.

September 2010

“We’ll be happier if we work fewer hours and have more free time, we’ll socialise more and we can do without piles of consumer goods that we have no need for.” Consider this statement mentioned in the text. Write a short essay stating your opinion against or in favour of that affirmation.

Write a [formal] letter to the editor of The News Today expressing your views about this article and the concept of degrowth.

June 2009

Write an [opinion] article for your school magazine. Discuss the effects of climate change in your country. Do you think measures should be taken to stop or at least slow down its effects on the planet?

You are doing a research project on animal extinction. Write a [formal] letter to your tutor/supervisor explaining how you would like to organise your work and where you intend to look for information about the subject.

September 2009

You are Laura. Write a letter to a friend in London telling him/her about your experience living on the farm and growing organic products.

Using your own words, write an argumentative essay about the advantages of life in the city versus life in the country or vice versa.

June 2008

Write about the influence of psychologists on our society. Are they well considered? Could they be the answer to our psychological necessities? [opinion]

Imagine you have a toxic friend that is ruining your life. Write a letter to him/her explaining the problem and proposing solutions to re-establish your mutual confidence.

September 2008

Two teachers are discussing the rights and wrongs of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) as a school subject. Write down their conversation.

French writer Antoine de Saint-Exupéry said that “the best things people have made [the airplane, the telephone…] are all things that bring people together.” Discuss this statement and say what are to your mind, the best things people have made. Would you say that Internet makes our social life richer or poorer? [opinion essay]

June 2007

Think of a profession that is dying out, for example a shepherd or a farmer. Write a dialogue with one of the last shepherds / farmers in your country. Talk about their way of life now and before.

You have just read a book with the title Death of a Beekeeper by Swedish author Lars Gustafsson. Write a letter to your best friend explaining to him/her what the book is about.

September 2007

Mame is writing about her daily life in a web log / diary. Write her entry for a most wonderful day. (Use Standard English, avoid informal or shorthand writing.) [≈formal letter]

You are a journalist talking to Shintaro Konizumi, the author of the best-selling book, Cool to Be Japanese Again. Write this interview talking about the revival of traditional customs in Japan. [≈dialogue]

June 2006

You are an Erasmus student at the University of Bergen (Norway). One professor asks you to talk to your class about the Aragonese language and culture. Write the text of your presentation.

Imagine you are a journalist. Write an interview with a European commissioner for the protection of minority languages. Your objective is to find out what the European Union is doing in order to protect the rights of those linguistic groups.

September 2006

Write your opinions about this law intended to protect animals in Britain. Do you think Spain needs a law like this?

Two scientists are talking about vivisection (tests on living animals to increase medical knowledge of human diseases). One scientist is for this practice, the other is against it. Write this dialogue.

June 2005

Imagine you are a journalist interviewing Wangari Maathai. Write an interview where you ask about her project and its acceptance by African governments.

Write a [formal] letter to the editor of your local newspaper explaining the need to apply Maathai’s planting method of land protection in your own country. Explain the reasons why her plan would be beneficial for land, family and community improvement.

September 2005

You are a journalist for Blue Earth magazine. Write an interview with the leader of a Tuareg clan about their way of life in the desert.

Write a letter to the Spanish Minister for the Environment. Show your deep concern about how water is being wasted in our country. Suggest a few ideas to improve the situation.

June 2004

Write a review (summary and opinion) of a horror film you have seen or a horror story you have read recently.

Imagine you are a novelist working on a vampire novel. Write a letter to a friend explaining your ideas.

September 2004

The author of the article thinks that people, specially in the US and Britain, have forgotten how to cook. Can this also happen in Mediterranean countries like Spain? Write a dialogue in which people (e.g. an American student, a local grandmother, a famous cook, …) express their opinions.

Write a short [for & against] essay about the advantages and disadvantages of convenience food.

June 2003

Imagine you are a psychologist who writes for a magazine. Write a letter to parents of teenagers and give them suggestions about how to bring up their children.

Write a short essay about the main problems teenagers have. Describe them, explain their cause(s) and suggest possible solutions.

September 2003

You are a reporter for «The Honolulu Times». Write an interview with Waipo Mapuana, the director of a school in which classes are conducted in Hawaiian. Talk about the difficulties and challenges of teaching and speaking this language and of trying to revive Hawaiian traditions.

You are Sabra Kauka, a girl from Molokai. Write a letter to a penfriend in Spain. Tell her / him about your country (land, people, climate, food, traditions, interesting places…). Invite your penfriend to visit the beautiful islands of Hawaii.

June 2002

From the news, papers, or perhaps from our own life experience, we all know examples of social problems —unemployment, homeless people, immigration killings…

Write a short narrative text explaining the real or imagined story of one of these people.

Write a letter to a friend. Explain the problems of the homeless people (f. e., their causes, possible solutions, the future, reasons for hope or despair…).

September 2002

Write about present-day natural disasters. Describe them and / or suggest causes, effects and possible solutions.

Describe a piece of news you have read or heard on the media that has to do with damage to our planet.

June 2001

What do you think of technological progress? Write a short [opinion] essay about this topic.

Write a dialogue between two people. One is a media presenter doing an interview. The other one an important scientist.

September 2001

Write a short essay. Imagine you are in the future –in the year 3000. Describe lifestyle and technological advances –for example: Where and how do people live? How do they travel through space? How do they communicate? What other things do they do differently from today?

Write a dialogue between two or more people. They are discussing the importance of space discovery and its cost. They express reasons for and against it.

June 2000

Write a short essay about music in general or on modern singers and singer-writers. Explain your preferences, comment on artists and their work.

Write a letter to a friend. Invite him /her to a music concert. Comment on things related to this concert or to music in general. Do not use your real name in the letter.

September 2000

Write a short essay. Is there an area of science that interests you? Write about it. Talk about inventions or discoveries. Say things you know or express your opinion about present developments.

Write a dialogue. Two people are talking about life outside our planet. Choose who they are: friends, scientists, two writers planning a story, etc. They express their ideas and discuss them.


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3 comentarios en “[BCH] Topics for writing composition essays (PAU 2013-2000)”

  1. Tony; Timmy do you think there is life on other planets?
    Timmy; I think that there isn´t life in others planets because there isn´t water or oxigen…
    Tony; Do not you think there may be another type of living being that can adapt to other conditions?
    Timmy; Maybe yes, but only the great investigators can find out
    Tony; You are right, also if they knew it, it is possible that they did not tell us … Because they inform us of what suits them

    Me gusta

    1. Tony: –Timmy, do you think there is life on other planets?
      Timmy: –I think that there isn’t life in others planets because there isn’t any water or oxigen…
      Tony: –Don’t you think there may be another type of living being that can adapt to other conditions?
      Timmy: –Maybe yes, but only the great investigators can find out.
      Tony: –You are right. Even if they knew it, it is possible that they did not tell us… Because they inform us about what suits them.

      And all this… has anything to do with the post???

      Me gusta

  2. Life has evolved by technology. little by little new revolutionary technological objects have been created and in this way these objects have been introduced in our day to day, making our life more comfortable.
    we use the machines for everything, to communicate, to guide us, to inform us, to have fun …
    Technology has evolved a lot and with it our need for it, we really have a great dependence on technology. But really, does it make our lives easier? According to many people, the answer is no. We have joined many everyday actions with computers, and to stop using them could be a problem today.
    As a final conclusion, the answer to the question would be no.


    What the duck are you talking about??? Are you crazy?

    Me gusta


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