The “science” of happiness

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Fly on the wings of love

Fly on the Wings of Love is a love ballad by the Olsen Brothers, which was the winner of Eurovision Song Contest 2000, performed for Denmark but singing in English. The Danish original song was called Smuk som et stjerneskud (“Beautiful as a shooting star”). Surprised? Well, I am; I’ve just found it out right now. I only knew Annia‘s version and the Chasis Remix (both of which you have below, after the lyrics). Enjoy! Leer más “Fly on the wings of love”

[2ºBCH] Answers to “More Practice 4”


1 1.a; 2.a; 3.a; 4.b; 5.a; 6.a

2 1.falling asleep; 2.tired; 3.alone; 4.accepted; 5.stop; 6.lost; 7.fair

3 1.F-If you have a gift for something, you’re good at it; 2.T✔; 3.T✔; 4.F-Language barriers often take place in a new country; 5.F-A person with a lot of self-esteem has a lot of confidence; 6.F-People usually flee places that are dangerous; 7.T✔; 8.T✔ Leer más “[2ºBCH] Answers to “More Practice 4””

Your favourite song


Some of you have told me that you would like to choose the songs we upload for practice. OK, here’s your opportunity; your new task will be just that: -Search for your favourite song in YouTube (or Vimeo, or whatever) and write the link. -Get its lyrics and write them in a comment, with its corresponding gaps Leer más “Your favourite song”